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I am an Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. In that role,
I serve Esther George and Jon Willis in the policymaking process and conduct research on the macroeconomy. 

This site provides details on my current research. My current work examines the effects of central bank communication on the macroeconomy. 

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January 2018  Posted a new paper Does Communicating a Numerical Inflation Target Anchor Inflation Expectations? Evidence & Bond Market Implications (with A. Lee Smith). We argue that communicating a longer-run inflation objective helped anchor inflation expectations in the United States but not in Japan. See the related Macro Bulletin for a short summary of this work.  

August 2017  Posted an updated version of my work The Dynamic Effects of Forward Guidance Shocks (with A. Lee Smith). We argue that forward guidance shocks which lower the expected path of policy stimulate economic activity and prices. A standard model of monetary policy can largely reproduce these results. 

July 2017  Posted a new paper Forward Guidance, Monetary Policy Uncertainty, and the Term Premium (with Trenton Herriford and A. Lee Smith).  We show that forward guidance about future monetary policy can materially affect term premia in bond markets, even without large-scale asset purchases.

The views expressed herein are my own and do not represent the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City or the Federal Reserve System.

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